Highlander 101

Highlander 2 Highlander (H2H)

H2H Hour is about building your future each hour of each day…This hour is about choices; we expect each student to be mature enough for this privilege!

Time for you to design your future…

  • SAT/ACT prep
  • Peer to Peer Tutoring
  • Clubs
  • Independent Study Time
  • Additional teacher help
  • Lunch

Read 2 Read (R2R)

  • Students stay for additional time in their 1st or 2nd period for silent sustained reading.
  • School-wide we all use this time to stop and read.
  • Students can also use this time to be on Khan Academy or Reading Plus.

Academic H2H

  • Once or twice a week for 37 minutes.
  • Students must report to a teacher or the cafeteria to study, get tutoring, make-up work, or retake a test!
  • Students who have A’s & B’s on their report card receive a pass which gives them more freedom during this time!

Morning Meeting

Morning meeting is a time…

Clubs on the Ridge

  • LWHS offers many, many clubs!
  • Clubs take place during H2H so all students can participate.
  • All clubs are sponsored by a staff member.


List of Clubs

Mastery Learning

Mastery Learning in an instructional approach that put the focus on learning rather than assigning grades for completion of assignment.

  • First attempt: If a student earns between an 85 and 94 on his/her first attempt they will receive an automatic 95A.
    • Student  must be in attendance of the day of assessment
    • All prepwork must be completed prior to the test
  • Students have 2 weeks from the day the grade is posted to retake an assessment if they scored below an 85.
    • Only one retake is allowed
    • Quizzes do not qualify for a retake.Student must follow individual teacher’s retake procedures
Mastery Learning FAQ

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