Available Sports

Available Sports

These are the sports that are currently being offered at our school.

Highlander Baseball

JV & Varsity Baseball

Don Bridges, Head Coach

Highlander Basketball

JV & Varsity Boys Basketball

Don Grant, Head Coach

JV & Varsity Girls Basketball

Demetrius Sanders, Head Coach

Highlander Bowling

Varsity Boy & Girls Bowling

Jonathan Hodach, Head Coach

Highlander Cheerleading

JV, Varsity, and Competitive Cheerleading

Brandi Long, Head Coach

Highlander Cross Country

Varsity Boys Cross Country

AJ Richmond, Head Coach

Varsity Girls Cross Country

Kim Campbell, Head Coach

Highlander Football

JV and Varsity Football

Tavaris Johnson, Head Coach

Highlander Golf

Varsity Boys Golf

Blake Fann, Head Coach

Varsity Girls Golf

Jonathan Berkenfield, Head Coach

Highlander Lacrosse

Varsity Boys Lacrosse

Stacey Butcher, Head Coach

Varsity Girls Lacrosse

Elyssa Joyner, Head Coach

Highlander Soccer

JV & Varsity Boys Soccer

Andres Rojas, Head Coach
JV & Varsity Girls Soccer

Michael Flood, Head Coach

Highlander Softball

JV & Varsity Softball

Mike Settle, Head Coach

Highlander Swimming

Varsity Boys Swimming

Austin Henry

Varsity Girls Swimming

Symberly Glisson

Highlander Tennis

Varsity Boys Tennis

Jackie Edwards, Head Coach

Varsity Girls Tennis

Laura Motis, Head Coach

Highlander Track & Field

Varsity Boys & Girls Track

Johnathan Feagin, Head Coach

Highlander Volleyball

Varsity Volleyball

Lillian Anderson, Head Coach

JV Volleyball

Maeleesa Strong, Head Coach

Highlander Wrestling

JV & Varsity Boys Wrestling

Brian Schmitt, Head Coach

Highlander Weightlifting

Varsity Boys Weightlifting

Tashawn Williams, Head Coach

Varsity Girls Weightlifting

Maelessa Strong, Head Coach