Keystone Design Project Abstract / Summary

Lake Wales Charter Schools (LWCS) has developed an approach to serving its at-risk population that we are calling the “Keystone Architecture.” Based on its demonstrable success within our system, we believe the Keystone approach can serve as a model program for improving high school graduation rates, and that Keystone is well adapted for state-wide dissemination.

Targeted Grade Levels & Focus Areas

Project Keystone is designed to support achievement of educationally disadvantaged students in grades 9-12, focusing specifically on students whose previous academic achievement has left them without the necessary credits, grade point average and academic skills to meet state graduation requirements. Engaging instruction that includes one-to-one computing.

Project Summary

Using a multi-pronged approach, Project Keystone uses a unique focus on architecture and its companion, design thinking, to provide a common learning language and framework for critical thinking that connects the critical content areas of math, science and language arts. The Keystone approach is layered in implementation.