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1st Period 7:10 ‒ 8:05 1st Period 7:10 ‒ 8:05 1st: 7:10 ‒ 8:05
2nd: 8:05 ‒ 8:50
2nd Period 8:40 ‒ 10:10 3rd Period 8:40 ‒ 10:10 3rd: 8:55 ‒ 9:40
4th: 9:45 ‒ 10:30
4th Period 10:15 ‒ 12:25 5th Period 10:15 ‒ 12:25 5th: 10:35 ‒ 12:20
6th: 12:25 ‒ 1:10
6th Period 12:30 ‒ 2:00 7th Period 12:30 ‒ 2:00 7th: 1:25 ‒ 2:00


Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday Friday
A Lunch 10:15-10:45
B Lunch 11:05-11:35
C Lunch 11:55-12:25
A Lunch 10:15-10:45
B Lunch 11:05-11:35
C Lunch 11:55-12:25
A Lunch 10:35-11:00
B Lunch 11:10-11:35
C Lunch 11:45-12:20


Lake Wales High School Dress Code Expectations

We believe as a school community that our attitude about what we do or how we feel about ourselves is often influenced by what we wear. We are proud of our efforts to serve a diverse population of students. The dress code is one method we use to level the playing field for all students who attend Lake Wales High School. Adhering to a common dress code can also serve to develop a strong sense of community and school pride.

While we recognize that students are creative and enjoy expressing their uniqueness through their attire, we feel thatstudents have many other avenues in which they can express their creativity at Lake Wales High School. The dress codewill be enforced to help provide an environment where students feel equal and are not distracted or offended by what other students wear. This is important in a school that is economically diverse. It shifts the focus to academics and the future rather than on the superficial nature of clothing and appearance.

The Lake Wales High School dress code has been established to help students demonstrate consideration and respect for themselves and others. Students must adhere to the dress code to attend classes as well as participate in events that take place off campus. Keep in mind that extremes in dress or grooming will not be tolerated, regardless of whether they are specifically mentioned or not.

General Appearance:

  • All students must be neat and clean with clothing in good repair at all times.
  • Shirts must be tucked in and pants may not be baggy or worn low on the hips.
  • All skirts, pants, and shorts must be hemmed. Cut off clothing items are not acceptable.
  • Extreme or excessive jewelry, hairstyles, and makeup are not acceptable. Excessive and extreme are defined as
  • unsafe, distracting, or interfering with learning.
  • Students are not to wear hats, hoodies, or other headgear while on campus.


Every Monday through Thursday, Lake Wales High School students are expected to wear the following:

Shirts: Black, orange, or white polo with the LWHS logo purchased from the Lake Wales High School uniform provider. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Pants: Khaki (tan only) pants/skirts/skorts/shorts; All pants, etc., must be a decent length and fit. Pants must not hang on the hips in an indecent manner. Length of skirts/shorts should be mid-thigh or longer. The adult in charge will use the rule of good judgment. (See Code of Conduct for length details.) Pants, skirts, skorts, and shorts may be purchased at any store of choice; however, we suggest the Dickies brand. Belts are optional. The objective is for your pants to be on the hip and undergarments concealed at all times.

Senior Privilege: Seniors will have the privilege of wearing blue or black jeans (pants ONLY; no jean shorts) Monday through Thursday with their black, orange, or white polo. If jeans are worn, they must be in good repair, free from holes, frays, etc. This privilege will be granted as long as the seniors treat it with respect and follow the guidelines.

T-shirts under the uniform: T-shirts, if worn under the uniform, must be plain white or black.

Turtlenecks: If worn, turtlenecks must be black and worn under the Lake Wales High School shirt.

Shoes: Tennis shoes, TOMS, crocs, and sandals are all acceptable forms of shoes. Slippers and any other form of bedroom shoe are not permissible. Any shoes with a heel taller than one inch are not allowed. Any student participating in an elective or physical education course that requires outdoor activity, working with equipment, or working with animals must wear closed toed shoes.

Outerwear: Jackets or other outerwear may be purchased through the LWHS uniform provider. If not purchased through the uniform provider, students must wear solid orange, black, or white jackets. Hoods or oversized jackets will NOT be permitted. Athletic jackets from varsity sports or extracurricular clubs, such as the LWHS Band, are permissible (without hoods). In extreme cold weather (below 45°F) exceptions will be made and communicated to the students during the school day and communicated to the parents through ConnectEd. In these cases, students should remove non-uniform outerwear while in the building. Staff will exercise the rule of good judgment.

Jewelry: Modest jewelry is acceptable. Pierced ears are acceptable with moderate jewelry that does not present a hazard; however, all other body piercings must be removed or concealed while on campus or in attendance at a field trip. Jewelry accessories that may be used as weapons, such as chains, spiked jewelry or arm bands are not allowed. Jewelry with any form of sexual or gang connotation shall NOT be worn. Staff will exercise the rule of good judgment.

Hats: No hats, hoodies, bandanas, or other head coverings may be worn while on campus. If students wear head coverings for religious purposes, a parent will need to provide a written waiver.

Hair: Styles should not obstruct one’s line of vision or distract others. We need to see your eyes!No curlers, picks, combs, bandanas, hats or other headgear while on campus.

Game Day Attire: For athletes, cheerleaders, Scottish Unit, band members, etc. you may wear a shirt that is appropriate to the function and jeans or jean capris. No sweatpants are allowed. Please see your athletic coach or sponsor for more details.

Every Friday, Lake Wales High School students are expected to wear the following:

Shirts: Lake Wales High School T-shirts with crew neck (Athletic and club t-shirts are permissible) or uniform shirt.

  • College Shirts
  • Former school (for example: Hillcrest, Bok, McLaughlin, etc)

Pants: Blue or black jeans or jean shorts are acceptable in addition to uniform pants. If jeans are worn, they must be in good repair, free from holes, frays, etc. Jean shorts should not be cut and should be of appropriate length.

**Students NOT following LWHS dress code will have a community sanction or another consequence. In repetitive situations, students may be sent home.**

NOTE: Do not have any items reflecting or suggesting gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sex, or unhealthy messages. No items with skulls on them in any fashion. If any gang signs or items are displayed, the student will be jeopardizing his/her place at Lake Wales High School. No torn or frayed garments or any items that are offensive. This includes any signs/symbols that may be disruptive to the learning process.


All faculty and staff will oversee observance of the school dress code. Students who violate the school dress code may be detained until their parents bring them a change of clothing or sent home. Students may not be in the classroom if it is determined that they are in violation of the dress code. If this is not possible appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken at the discretion of the Principal or other administrative staff. When any question of proper dress arises, the Principal and/or administrative staff will adjudicate. It is important for a student to understand that repeated problems with adherence to the dress code cease to be a matter of dress code and become instead an issue of lack of cooperation and respect for the school community. A student who begins a pattern of dress code infractions and consistently violates the standards of the school community should review schools in the area to find a school they may attend with a more relaxed dress code policy. In all cases, the administration will determine the appropriate course of action and consequence for repeated violations.


Overall, the rule of good judgment should be used by parents and students noting that the dress code shifts the focus to academics and the future rather than on the superficial nature of clothing and appearance. The Principal and the administrative staff reserve the right to exercise their judgment to deem what is or is not appropriate regardless of the specifications outlined within the dress code expectations.


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