Parent Involvement Opportunities

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council (SAC) works with the principal and staff to develop the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP). After analyzing data, (such as school grade, AYP and FCAT scores), goals are determined which will best lead the school to be as successful as possible.

Since the SIP is usually approved in the fall, in the other meetings topics are presented to demonstrate tangible ways that LWHS staff is working towards goals, along with updates on programs, facilities and personnel. The SAC also votes on the expenditure of SAC Allocation Funds, and School Recognition Funds.

The LWHS SAC meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 am. All are welcome to attend the meetings. The membership is composed of the principal, and an appropriately balanced team of parents, faculty/staff, community members and one student from each grade level.
For more information, please contact:

Melody McKenna (LWHS SAC Chairperson)

Currently, Vinnie Coconato (LWHS Vice-Chair)

June Ullman (LWHS SAC Secretary)

Jonathan Hodach (LWHS Dean)

Danny Gill (Lake Wales High School Trustee Representative)

Phone: 863-678-6560, Ext 226


Academic Foundation

About twenty years ago a group of parents formed an academic booster club to highlight and celebrate the achievements of the students at Lake Wales High School. Now the Academic Foundation, this group of parents and community volunteers seek donations to reward the classroom accomplishments by
-hosting a school wide recognition each nine weeks of students who earned A’s & B’s on their report cards,

-assisting with funds for the ACT or SAT,

-providing a gala night for seniors who have exemplary academic and leadership performance while at LWHS, and

-awarding performance based scholarships to graduates.

Monthly meetings are held to plan these events. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please contact
Krista Thompson-

Melody McKenna-

Project Graduation

High school graduation is an exciting time in a student’s life. Over the years, the trend of holding Project Graduation has taken off! This is a way to keep students out of trouble and in a secure environment on a night when they may be ready to celebrate in an otherwise risky way. Project Graduation is a great way to celebrate this huge milestone in a safe, practical and exciting environment. The evening start time varies as it is dependent on our graduation time, and it lasts through to the next morning.
For the past several years, the parents who organize the LWHS Project Graduation have raised money through letter solicitations, selling T-shirts and hoodies and hosting a Carrabba’s lunch.

If you are a parent/guardian of a Senior, please contact the Project Graduation committee to see how you can help make this memorable day a very memorable night. High School Graduation is a once in a lifetime opportunity and no one wants it to end in tragedy. Your help will make it a night to remember with the friends that have been together for 13 years!


Mentoring Program

Lake Wales High School is proud of its student’s success and offers encouraging strategies to help all students succeed. One strategy that is proven to be successful is providing students with mentors. Mentoring is a positive youth development strategy that supports the goal of reducing the dropout rate. Research has shown that mentoring has significant positive effects on two early indicators of high school drop-outs: high levels of absenteeism (Kennelly & Monrad, 2007) and recurring behavior problems (Thurlow, Sinclair & Johnson, 2002)

Research confirms what we knew anecdotally or intuitively before —that mentoring works. More research…. published by Child Trends and titled “Mentoring: A Promising Strategy for Youth Development” found that youth who participate in mentoring relationships experience a number of positive benefits.

In terms of educational achievement, mentored youth have better attendance, a better chance of going on to higher education, and a better attitude toward school. In terms of health and safety, mentoring appears to help prevent substance abuse and reduce some negative youth behaviors. On the social and emotional development front, taking part in mentoring promotes positive social attitudes and relationships. Mentored youth tend to not only trust their parents more, but also communicate better with them.

So the research is clear – we need you to be a mentor for a student up on the Ridge. Free Training is provided. All mentors must also be approved volunteers for LWCS or Polk County School Board. This simple process can be done at the school office for a small fee. It is a win-win proposition – the mentors love it and the mentees get that extra support that helps pave the way to success.

Sign up today by contacting:

Dee Coconato:


Schools need volunteers to run efficiently. Volunteers fill a huge variety of positions that would leave a void without that person, and the choices are limitless. No talent is needed, just a willingness to help. A few of the many opportunities for you to support the Highlanders are:

-Guest speakers in classrooms


-Assist class sponsors

-Help with the various clubs

-Assist with Band, Chorus, Drama

-Assist with landscaping enhancements

-Help in the Center for Literacy and Technology

-Volunteer coach for variety of athletics

-Chaperone field trips

The list is almost endless as the extracurricular activities and academies develop. Your assistance, may be small to you, but could be just what a program needs to be highly successful.

For more information contact:

Wanda Howard or the school office.