LWHS Uniform Sales 2013-2014

Uniforms will be on sale at Lake Wales High School on August 15, from 3PM  to 8PM.

“We are happy to have Applied Images and Polka-Dots as our approved vendors again this year. They were selected because of their commitment to give a percentage of profits back to the students of LWHS. You will find both companies helpful as you prepare for this school year”. D.Dunson

Polo prices vary, special orders may cost extra.

Applied Images

located at 1156 N. Scenic Hwy.LakeWales, FL 33853. (863) 676-9800

Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am  - 4pm Tuesday & Thursday 10am – 5pm

Polka Dots

located at 224 East Stuart Ave.LakeWales, FL 33853. (863) 676-7315

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:30am  - 5:30pm Saturday 10am – 3pm

We believe as a school community that our attitude about what we do or how we feel about ourselves is often influenced by what we wear.  We are proud of our efforts to serve a diverse population of students.  The dress code is one method we use to level the playing field for all students who attend Lake Wales High School.  Adhering to a common dress code can also serve to develop a strong sense of community and school pride.

While we recognize that students are creative and enjoy expressing their uniqueness through their attire, we feel that students have many other avenues in which they can express their creativity at Lake Wales High School.  The dress code will be enforced to help provide an environment where students feel equal and are not distracted or offended by what other students wear.  This is important in a school that is economically diverse.  It shifts the focus to academics and the future rather than on the superficial nature of clothing and appearance.

LWHS Dress Code 06 13 (PDF)

What our donors say...

“The time is right to maximize this opportunity by equipping the teachers and students with the latest and best technology. I’m optimistic that this gift will allow everyone — administrators, teachers and students — to realize their full potential.” – Anonymous donor, after giving $1 million to Lake Wales High School, March 2011

What our students say...

Here are some words our students use describe us: “Respectful, awesome, outgoing, caring, adventurous, loving, wonderful, unique, creative, and hands-on.” Come visit us and let us know what word you’d like to add to the list!

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